At New Plymouth based Breakpoint Web Design we create powerful, responsive websites and digital experiences with your business goals in mind. From landing pages to multi-market localised websites - our robust approach ensures SEO performance, a beautiful experience across devices, and integration with business and marketing tools.
What we're serving:
Website design
Webflow CMS websites
Webflow migrations
Shopify websites
Content strategy
User research
Brand assets & imagery
Analytics integration's
Support & training
Monthly maintenance plans
and more....
Beer label design - Tyger Tyger
Website design for Hardy Packaging
The Pure Experience
Website Design
The Pure Experience
AFC Moturoa Football Club
Beer label design - Tyger Tyger
Paklink Ltd
Fast Future Ltd
Bay Trading Ltd
Beer label design - Tyger Tyger
Earth Sourced New Plymouth
Lexington Saints Rugby Team


We start our process with discovery and research before moving to brand identity, web design,and web development.
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We start projects with co-creation sessions to understand your business and define the project goals. We’ll diagnose stakeholder requirements, key user flows and positioning to best inform the project direction. This sets the project up for success with creation of a proposed sitemap including the desired features and key project phases.
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Research & Content

We analyse existing data and host strategy workshops to inform the content structure. Optimise content for the site that answers key user pain points. We will build the website structure in wireframe format based on user experience best practises, testing the approach with users and stakeholders.
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Website UI Design

We design engaging pages built to work across devices while ensuring high accessibility standards. Represent your company's personality through design direction that sets you apart from the competition. We will utilise your brand guidelines to set up a component library for consistent style across your website.
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Assets & Motion

We create assets such as illustrations, icons, imagery, and product UI visuals to enhance the content in accordance with your brand standards. Our interaction and motion design makes the website move, from user interactions and page load animations to immersive experiences.
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We will recommend a solution based on your requirements. We typically use the best in industry - the Webflow CMS - to build a bespoke website powered by an easy to use CMS, built with speed, responsiveness and accessibility standards in mind.
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Testing & Optimisation

We provide a staging link so that our QA team and your stakeholders can test the site across devices and ensure the final output is robust and high quality. We’ll optimise the site to achieve super-high scores on loading speed, technical SEO, and accessibility - setting your site up for success. We provide training on how to use the CMS, edit pages using our component system and set the site live.

No problem.

Connect Webflow to third-party tools to make the most out of your website. We integrate almost any software you can think of. From CRM tools and databases to membership integrations, we connect them all to Webflow.
Breakpoint Web Design New Plymouth Taranaki utilises Airtable for databasesBreakpoint Web Design New Plymouth Taranaki uses Zapier for integrationBreakpoint Web Design New Plymouth Taranaki


Answers to your most burning questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
How do you price projects?
We price our services on a project by project basis so the total cost of your project will greatly depend on what your requirements are. After the project is complete we also offer enterprise packages for business' that want to completely outsource their web work which we offer as a flat monthly fee arrangement. Access Enterprise Packages.
How long does it take to launch a new website?
The benefit of specialising in Webflow means we can move at a far greater pace than your average WordPress agency, since Webflow allows for easy design and development within the tool itself. We can also set up custom CMS collections for clients (similar to custom post types in WordPress) in order for you to manage the site yourself. Generally our website process will take from 2-4 months to complete our full process from strategy through to handing you the final staging link. We like to work in an agile manner and provide you with access to phases as soon as they are ready so you can start gaining value from the project before it is finished.
What do you include as standard with a website package?
We don't cut corners, and we certainly don't want our clients to be caught out with hidden costs. Therefore, with all of our website packages, we include the following as standard:
- Content: Strategy workshop, sitemap, copywriting (editing for SEO & tone of voice)
- Design: Wireframes, design system, UI of pages, mobile versions, QA, internal feedback, 2x rounds of revisions
- Development: CMS Setup, bespoke creation of pages, collections / dynamic templates, analytics & tagging
- Before launch: Testing, bug fixes, CMS training, technical SEO, setting up hosting
- Project management: Dedicated project manager with weekly checkins via Slack or Zoom
Do you offer monthly retainer packages?
Yes we do. For larger businesses that don't want to employ a full time employee, we offer enterprise packages to suit fast-growing businesses. The average wage for a marketing assistant is around 50k per year. We can offer you unlimited requests for far less than that with the added bonus of having a seasoned professional at the helm without the need to employ anyone. Just pay us month to month as you need us, cancel at anytime. Access Enterprise Packages.
How does billing work?
Plans are per workspace, not per account. You can upgrade one workspace, and still have any number of free workspaces. Call us for more details.
What is webflow?
Webflow is a powerful visual front-end development tool that allows websites to be created from scratch. It writes SEO friendly clean code and allows custom code to be added. This is by far the most versatile website dev tool and has been growing exponentially.
"Thanks to the help & guidance that Breakpoint gave us, our website has been a success far beyond what we ever could have imagined"
- Matt Hardy.


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